Starting a new Surgery Center (ASC or Office Based)

Starting a new Surgery Center (ASC or Office Based)

There are 4 main elements to starting up a new ASC.

The first is the actual building. Hiring an architect and building contractor.

The second is hiring staff to run it.

The third is purchasing the equipment necessary to perform surgery and attend to patient care.

 The fourth and most important is becoming accredited with one of the three main accrediting organizations (AAAASF  AAAHC and JCAHO).

Ambulatory Surgery Center accreditation is the glue that holds the other three elements together. Many hire an Accreditation Consultant to navigate this daunting element of starting a new ASC.

ASC Consultants are expensive and run the spectrum from well qualified and helpful to causing much headache and failed accreditation surveys or inspections.

Some consultants are “full service” and provide everything you need for your accreditation responsibilities. Others will tell you what you need and you are left to your own devices to obtain it.

In the case of daily the record keeping and logbook documentation, there is much fluidity.
No forms are explicitly spelled out in the Accreditation Guidelines book provided by AAAASF, AAAHC or JCAHO. There is no standardization.

One of the most troublesome areas of maintaining your accreditation is compliance. Making sure your staff are fulfilling their duties. This is especially important for maintaining accurate documentation of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. (Documenting autoclave loads, checking equipment, cleaning and sanitizing). 

The #1 reason for failing a survey is improper documentation and record keeping. Failing to maintain accurate daily, weekly and monthly logbooks.

WrenchASC does all of this for you. It insures your staff is properly maintaining accurate documentation. It provides extensive reminders for important tasks, allows you to print reports for your surveys and stores all of your information securely in the cloud. Eliminating cumbersome paperwork.

Keeping current with your facility maintenance is also important. HVAC, fire protection, backup power etc.

WrenchASC  solves this dilemma by providing a new facility with electronic STANDARDIZED logbooks for their ASC accreditation requirement.

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